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3 reasons why you should hit R GYM in November

Updated: Nov 20, 2019


It is warmer inside: We live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and our lifestyle shifts around November. Our cold weather habits start forming around this time. If you have been walking, running, or working out outside, November is the month you start thinking of taking a break until the spring. Come on over neighbor, keep moving and stay warm inside R Gym. Also, no ice.

Takes away the pressure: Let’s face it, January is the month to “get back on track.” We are EXPECTED to at least try to get healthy in January. Well, take away that pressure and start in November. We all have seen the rush of people the first few weeks of January, but we have also seen the dwindling numbers by March. Break the cycle and start much earlier. When January comes by… you will be such a pro at your workout that January will be just another month.

You will be ready for the HOLIDAYS: Lets face it, we indulge during the holidays (and why shouldn't we? We are Yoopers, we need this for the long winter). We will eat our comfort food, drink all the delicious drinks and spend as much time with our family and friends that we will break our sleep cycle. But, if we give our bodies a little tiny break and go workout at least 20 minutes in between all this fun, you won’t be feeling like a overly sugared zombie when you go back to the reality of the new year.

November is a time to shift to our “winter -self”. R GYM is here to keep your “winter-self” moving. SIGN UP TODAY

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