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No Contract

No Pile-On Fees

R Gym is a functional gym created with efficiency and accessibility in mind.  

We provide the essentials for a complete workout regardless of fitness level and we do it 24/7.

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to get healthy and strong.

R Gym is located in downtown Gladstone, MI in the Rialto Center.


$25 Monthly

Also Available 

Group Memberships


$45 Double


$60 Three memberships


$75 Four memberships

We don't want your gym membership to break your budget. 

There are no hidden fees or cancellation fees.  

Group membership payment must come out of one account.  You do not need to be family members to get the group rate.

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Innovative Key Options

 Too many keys on your key chain? Use your phone as your key to R Gym.

Once you sign up online, give us a call to schedule your setup.  To set up, you must have your phone at the gym location. Setup can take up to 10 minutes. Key fobs are available uppon request.  

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How we got here

Our names are Patrick and Suani.  We own Water's Edge Chiropractic and R Gym in Gladstone, Michigan.  3 years ago, we bought the Rialto Center, a historical building right in the middle of town.  R Gym is located in this building, and Water's Edge is in the process of moving.  R Gym was created because we became parents and our fitness routine was completely disrupted.  Our time had a new owner.  We couldn't drive too far to work out, our budget changed, and our time was scarce.  So we decided to come up with our own solution: An inexpensive gym that was in our town just a few minutes from home and available 24/7.  

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