We are Here

for the Long Run

Hello Members,

We hope everyone is healthy and staying sane at home during these uncertain times.  We have come to the conclusion that the best thing for our members and R Gym is to freeze all memberships indefinitely.

This means two things:
- Membership payments have stopped indefinitely
- Memberships will only reactivate when you request it.

We will reopen when the government allows it.  We are happy to report that our business model allows us to be flexible.  Remember, we pride ourselves in our  no contract  feature.

A little history behind R Gym.  We, the owners, have lived through many uncertain times in our adult lives.  From 9-11 to the Recession of 2007, our lives have been shaped by uncertainty and faith.  This is why we have learned to look forward but always work within our means.  When we thought of R Gym, we wanted to create a health and fitness spot in our community to last a long time.

Therefore, we were sensible in our startup cost and efficient in our administration.  As we were pressured to add more amenities likes showers, saunas and tanning beds, we stuck with our business model, to grow slowly and within our means.  One of our primary goals was to add amenities without adding the cost to our members or our bottom-line cost.  For our members, we did not want them to be stuck with contracts that they never use.  Instead, we wanted to create a health and fitness model where the individual takes full responsibility of their health without a contract.

As this pandemic shapes our adult lives one more time, it will also test our business model.  It will not be easy, but we will be here when this all passes.  We will find new fun ways to engage our members and create habit forming challenges for you to get excited about getting healthy and fit.. What this pandemic has taught us is that health is a very important part of our lives.


Let's beat this virus by staying home.  We will still be here, and we hope to see you back.

With much love,

Your R Gym Family


1000 Delta Ave
Gladstone, Delta County 49837



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