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The earth has music for those who listen

It’s time…

We are doing our part to provide a safe environment for your workouts.  We ask that you do the same. 

Our part:

  • Keep a clean environment (air purifiers have been set up around the gym)

  • Provide hand sanitizer

  • Provide antibacterial/viral wipes (to clean equipment)

  • Provide alcohol spray to disinfect your personal items

  • Keep a log of your visits (automatic when you swipe for entry)

Your part: 

  • If you feel sick stay home.  Even if you think it is allergies.

  • Clean your equipment before and after you use it. 

  • Keep your distance from other members

  • Carry in your gym shoes and change into them before going into the gym.  This way we can minimize soil, dirt, and debris on the gym floor.

  • Always scan your phone or key fob for entry, even if you come in with your family member (the executive order requires us to keep a log of entries into our gym.)


Please have your mask available when you are not working out.

If you've been a member, please give us a call or email us to unfreeze your membership.   If your phone is the same, we can provide instant access.

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