Work out in March...and get lucky (4).pn

Work Out...Get Lucky

How it works:

Every week a sign-up sheet will be at R Gym.  Print your name and initial the dates you worked out.  At the end of the week, workouts will be counted and raffle tickets will be assigned.  Your raffle tickets will be available the following Tuesday on an envelope with your name on it. Three buckets will be set up at the gym so you can place your tickets in the bucket referring to the raffle item of your choosing.  Please write your name and phone number on each ticket.  The more you work out the more chances you get to win!  The last day to earn tickets is March 28th.  The last day you can add your tickets in the bucket raffle is March 31st. Raffle will take place April 2nd.



Monday 3/1 to Sunday 3/7

Monday 3/8 to Sunday 3/14

Monday 3/15 to Sunday 3/21

Monday 3/22 to Sunday 3/28



1 workout = 1 ticket

2 workouts = 2 tickets

3 workouts = 3 tickets

4< workouts = 10 tickets



$50 Gift Card to Marshalls

$50 Gift Card to Starbucks

$50 Gift Card to Walmart


Please know this is a fun thing we do to push our members to work out.  All of this is done through an honor system.  To participate and win you must be a member in good standing through March and April 2021.