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How to Give the Gift of Fitness with Finesse

Giving the gift of health and fitness has always proven to be a little tricky. Here are four rules to go by to prevent hurt feelings.

Rule 1: The receiver and you have a close relationship: This is the most important factor when giving this type of gift. This gift is not for the family member you aren’t close with or the coworker you chat about the weather occasionally. This is most definitely not for the family member you have been having a sensitive relationship since that argument over the over politics a few Thanksgivings ago. This is not a gift to make peace or make friends. This is a gift to build-on an already close relationship.

Your relationship should be so good-natured, the receiver cannot second guess your good intentions.

Rule 2: The receiver has mentioned it: This is the clearest of all the reasons to give the gift of fitness. This is where being close to this person comes in handy. If someone wants to get healthy, and they have mentioned it, your gift will only mean you listened. Your act of giving will show you care, and you support them. If they have mentioned a type of equipment or a gym in their area, that’s a HINT!

Rule 3: They already joined a health program or gym: This is almost a given. Gifting them even a month of their membership will only tell them you support them and their goals.

Rule 4: It’s something YOU would like to do with them:

What if getting healthy is something you want to do with them? Why not use the holidays to let them know, this year, you want to share this experience with them? When health and fitness is done as a team, it is easier to create a long-lasting habit. Whether it is joining a gym, a weight loss program, or both, doing this together provides instant support for all involved and instant shared memories. There is the growing mindset that health and fitness together is easier.

Don’t let the misconceptions and trickiness surrounding gifting health and fitness stop you from giving these thoughtful items. It could truly change someone’s life forever.

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