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Thoughts of a Fitness Intern - Covid-19

There is no question that Covid-19 has taken everyone for a whirlwind. As a new fitness professional, it left me with uncertainty as the gyms started to close. For fitness professionals, it became even more uncertain when gyms started to close their doors for good. I personally know of three individuals who had put their life into their gyms, and they could no longer keep them running without having members through the quarantine.

In Michigan there were about 120 gyms/owners that came together to fight the ruling of Governor Whitmer. But beyond the closings and shutdowns, fitness professionals and gym owners had to look deep into their policies and cleaning structures that they had built. I was privileged enough to see and know the process and aid in adding more cleaning stations and signs to remind people to clean after themselves at R Gym.

Beyond cleaning, there is an added pressure on the amount of people that are allowed in a gym at one time and how many people is appropriate for a group setting workout. Thankfully, R Gym is a 24/7 gym allowing individuals to come in at their own pace and the gym hardly ever has more than four people in the gym at one time.

When it comes to fitness professionals interacting with clients there will be more one-on-one sessions. When groups do come together, there will be limited numbers or there will be more outdoor classes. Those outdoor classes come with their own risks as well.

Overall, there has been a change in the Fitness world some good and some bad but nothing that the fitness world cannot get through because there will always be a push to help others get healthy or stay healthy.

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