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Busy Summer!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We are still here! It was a whirlwind of a summer for us. A baptism, Family, a wedding, birthday parties, a MURAL, camping, and all that is summer, kept these owners busy. All this excitement in our personal lives, kept us from realizing we had a busy summer at RGYM, too. What we thought would be a slow season for the gym, proved to be completely wrong. There is a popular belief that January is the busiest season for gyms, but we have found out that in our case we have seen steady growth during every season. We have a few theories for this.

We would like to think that our goal of being the most accessible gym in Delta County, both in price, hours of operation, and location, allowed some of our members to take the first important step into a healthier lifestyle. We hope that our NO Contract policy attracted those weary of making a commitment take the first step to go in for a month. We think that our easy “come back” procedure allowed some previous members come back for a second round.

We don't know what has worked, but we hope our community knows we are here to make healthy living a little easier.

In an effort to continue sharing the RGYM story, along with our goals, dreams, and yes sometimes missteps, we started this blog. This is RGYM, and yes we made the name sound like “OUR GYM” for a reason.

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